Wind Turbines

Untitled3It is well publicised what the benefits of wind energy are for global energy requirements and CO2 reduction.

The Kingspan KW3 and KW6 Turbines however have additional benefits to a range of industries in Australasia. Their application in remote locations, such as offshore platforms, remote mining locations or island nations. These locations may be unattached to any grid network, using huge quantities of fossil fuel for powering local generators.

Wind is free, so you can secure your long term energy cost over the next 25 years.

  • Providing robust, low maintenance electricity generation, they have undergone rigorous testing at sites exposed to extreme conditions.
  •  Successfully installed in diverse climates, the KW series of turbines from Kingspan are generating electricity in the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle and the desert heat of Saudi Arabia.
  • All Maintained by established Global Accredited Installer network
  • Based on the KW3, KW3EX is optimized for the harsh environment experienced off-shore – Shell Oil, North Sea.
  • The unique design works at safe operating temperatures and will not generate sparks, even in environments where there are highly inflammable materials.
  • The KW6 & KW3 turbines are designed for 20 years operation although when regularly serviced a 25 year’s lifespan is predicted.
  • The KW3EX is the only turbine of its kind in the world.

Global Installations

Over the last 30 years, more than 4000 turbines have been installed in 60 countries, giving In excess of 30 million run hours annually and a 17% share of global small scale wind market place.



Unique Features

Key to Kingspan Wind’s success is the unique blade and hinge design, which adapts to the wind, optimising performance and safety.

Untitled5– As the wind gets stronger the blades pitch and cone, protecting the turbine and allowing continual operation during the fiercest of storms.
– Downwind turbines
– Unique passive speed and power control
– No active yaw control required – wind turbines automatically point to the wind
– High yield in kWh per annum – yield density
– Use of direct-drive generator and thus no gearbox
– 54-70 m/s survival wind speeds