Solar Panels / Tubes

Untitled3It is well publicised what the benefits of solar energy are for global energy requirements and CO2 reduction.

The Kingspan solar products are a market leader and their suitability for applications in remote locations, such as offshore platforms, remote mining locations or island nations is outstanding. These locations may be unattached to any grid network, using huge quantities of fossil fuel for powering local generators.

Solar is free, so you can secure your long term energy cost over the next 25 years.

It is important to select a high efficiency high quality solar product on remote applications, as roof or suitable surface area is normally limited. The Kingspan solar devices require minimal product replacement or maintenance during their lifetime, thus minimum human interface.

There is an extensive range of products in the Kingspan Solar range, each suitable for separate location and specific situation requirements. We at Emerald would be glad to discuss your specific requirements.

Why Choose Kingspan Solar from Emerald Energy?

Untitled61– Plug & Play Collectors – Quick Installation
– Modular & Lightweight but Strong & Robust
– Unique Patented Temp Limitation Technology
– Protected for Over-Temperature Conditions
– Ultra-High Vacuum Insulation (<10-6 mbar) - Hail Impact Resistant to EN12975 - Minimum 30-Year Design Life - 20-Year Warranty - 20-Year Performance Guarantee - Patented features for reduction of stagnation - Numerous advantageous features that has the Kingspan Solar technology as the optimum option available - Emerald Energy personnel are on hand to support any projects, with full support from Kingspan, with fully indemnified designs when required. Screen-Shot-2013-03-11-at-15.11.21

Global Installations

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 15.17.16Many high profile commercial installations throughout the world.

> The Pentagon
> NASA, Kenedy Space Station
> IKEA, Utah & North Carolina
> BBC Dream House, London UK
> ESAB, Dubai
> National Zoo, Washington DC
> National Park Service, North Carolina
> Guinness Brewery, Dundalk, Ireland
> Johnson & Johnson, Pennsylvania
> University of South Carolina