Mechanical Engineering


Emerald Energy, through our in-house engineers, partner engineers and our Joint Venture partner companies off a wide and varied range of engineering services and capabilities. We work closely with our JV companies on the mechanical aspects of their technologies and how it relates to the specific client requirements.

Emerald Energy is capable of carrying out a range of studies, including FEED and Detailed Design, incorporating our other areas of expertise as required.

Many of our engineers come from sustainable and renewable energy back grounds, so have a solid understanding of the requirements of our clients. This coupled with our experienced personnel from mining, material handling and Oil & Gas backgrounds provide engineering capabilities for both our clients and partner companies.

The tools and expertise at Emerald provide confidence and assurance for our clients, whilst ensuring the utmost quality of service.



Manufacturing Methods (Procurement)

Emerald Energy, through extensive experience, has a excellent understanding of all procurement requirements. They have knowledge and understanding of equipment sourcing, with strong relationships with some key technology suppliers. This also includes all overseas logistics.

Through our technical understanding we work closely with fabricators during any assembly. It is never a case of handing over drawings and returning every 6weeks for an update. We also guarantee full documentation provided after each job.


Materials need to be fit for whatever purpose they are selected for. A material failure, although common is a failure that should, in many cases be avoidable.

Emerald Energy Consultancy has extensive knowledge of metals, polymers and composite materials, as well as coating requirements for all industrial sectors. We can provide expert advice and recommendations around material selection for specific applications, to give the client solutions and options for their individual requirements.

Emerald Energy Consultancy can carry out extensive independent material comparison studies as well as failure analysis studies, to suit the specific requirement.

Civil and Structural Engineering

These are disciplines of engineering critical for many project types. Although not in-house expertise within Emerald, strategic partnerships have been established to assist on projects, large or small, if and when required.

Prototyping & Testing

Emerald Energy has workshop facilities for any project or product development that may require it. For aspects such as reversed engineering, modelling, process trials and testing, workshop facilities are available if required or onsite testing can also be carried out.


Emerald Energy has internal capabilities in 3D design, mainly SolidWorks parametric modelling software. There are also key relationships with further drafting specialist contractors who Emerald Energy work closely with. These partners also bring ad added dimension as they have vast experience in FE analysis for stress and strain experienced in energy devices.