Grid Connection

Areas of abundant renewable energy are often a long distance from the main interconnected transmission system. Coupled with the variable nature of the resource this results in Grid Connection being a major challenge for all renewable energy projects. Emerald Energy have extensive expertise in this area and can provide commercial and technical advice, assistance and strategic guidance for grid connecting emerging renewable energy technologies.


Grid Connection Feasibility and Strategy

  • Assessment of project grid connection requirements
  • Options for connection
  • Assessment of project location against grid access
  • Strategy for grid connection and risk assessment
  • Guidance on regulatory issues and processes

Grid Connection Applications

  • Embedded Generation Application (<= 33kV)
  • DNO budget application
  • Directly grid connected application (>132kV)

Grid Offer Assessment

  • Review off commercial and technical aspects of grid connection offer
  • Risk assessment

Grid Charges and Costs

  • Estimate of charges for securing project MW
  •  Use of system costs

Grid Code Compliance

  • System studies for grid code compliance
  • Equipment requirements for grid code compliance

Grid Interface

  • Substation design for grid connection
  • Equipment specification and budgetary pricing