UntitledThe challenge in Air/Steam Stripper design was to develop a technology that could maintain high removal efficiencies with a minimum of residence time, at equivalent energy consumption levels to that of packed tower air strippers, while at the same time eliminating the maintenance factor. The TurboStripper® has been designed to meet these needs. It is an advanced leading technology for groundwater / wastewater cleanup. Responding to a long standing industry need for a 100% non-clogging  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Air/Steam Stripper it represents a major breakthrough in ultra high-efficiency VOC stripping in a 100% non-clogging and space-saving design.

Turboid® TurboPak® is a patented process technology lying at the heart of the TurboStripperer® designs. Highly turbulent mixing and liquid shear is brought about in a liquid column by hollow media. The multiphase shearing forces lead to multiple contacts at the molecular level and provide enhanced interfacial area and mass or heat transfer coefficients.

There are hundreds of installations of the TurboStripper® technology around the globe.

The nature of the design provides highly turbulent, extremely efficient contact between the air/steam and the contaminated water that result not only in high efficiency VOC removal, but also guarantees plugging-free operation, even in the most fouling of environments.  Traditional Air Stripping Towers are limited by their available surface area for mass transfer, by plugging from solids deposition & precipitation & by flooding at high gas or liquid velocities.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 15.30.15The TurboStripper®’s fluidized bed elements are continually moving and violently participating in a three phase turbulent interaction of Turboid®, Air/Steam and Contaminated Water. One of the many benefits produced by the shearing action of the Turboid®, is that bed scaling deposits are prevented from building up on the packing; thus creating a completely Non-Clogging Air or Steam Stripper.

The TurboStripper® can, in addition to removal dissolved gases can recover a large portion of the latent & sensible heat (or energy) content of the liquid stream which can be employed elsewhere on the plant. The high heat transfer coefficients produced ensures that the maximum amount of heat which is possible to recover is recovered.

Unlike any conventional tray type or packed tower air stripper, the TurboStripper® will remove most of the highly soluble chemicals such as MTBE, Acetone, MEK etc, all without fouling. The controlled turbulence within the fluidized bed effectively increases the interfacial area (IA) equivalent to ten times that of the Turboid® packing surface. The rapid shearing actions generated by both the air and water also naturally enhance the side turbulent diffusion mass transfer, thereby increasing the mass transfer coefficient (K). The combined effect of the increase in both IA and K, minimizes TurboStripper® size and maximizes stripping efficiency!

Advantages of TurboStripper®

• High efficiency desorption
• 100% Non-Clogging operation even with high iron and calcium concentrations
• High Removal Efficiencies
• Very High Removals of Semi-Volatiles and Napthalenes
• May be used for steam stripping regardless of the water hardness
• 100% blockage-free even when using slurries, biomass & precipitating systems.
• Heat and product recovery
• The Turboid® packing is self-cleaning
• Downtime is eliminated
• Maintenance costs are greatly reduced
• The TurboStripper® is able to maintain consistent removal efficiencies through out the life of project, effectively accelerating site clean-up
• Low energy costs
• Lower CAPEX
• Lower OPEX
• Retrofit Option

Applications of TurboStripper®

TurboStripper® is used in hundreds of diverse installations worldwide:

• Pulp & paper plants
• Oil Refineries
• Airports (oil/diesel cleanup)
• Oil storage depots
• Power generation plants
• VOC Removal
• Precipitating systems
• Ammonia removal
• Bio-slurry scrubbing
• Where space is a premium
• Minerals processing and metals recovery
• Any site that would otherwise employ tray or packed-tower strippers for VOC removal