UntitledThe TurboScrubber® is an advanced technology for controlling stack emissions, offering simultaneous absorption, gas cooling and fine particulate removal. It represents a major breakthrough in ultra high-efficiency gas absorption and particulate matter abatement in a 100% non-clogging and space-saving design.

TurboPack® is a patented process technology lying at the heart of the TurboScrubber® designs. Highly turbulent mixing and liquid shear is brought about in a liquid column by hollow media. The multiphase shearing forces lead to multiple contacts at the molecular level and provide enhanced interfacial area and mass or heat transfer coefficients.

There are approximately 300 installation of the TurboScrubber® technology around the globe including numerous installations in Australia.

The nature of the design provides highly turbulent, extremely efficient contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquid that result not only in high efficiency gas absorption, but also high efficiency fine particle collection. The constant motion also makes the bed virtually impervious to plugging, even in the most fouling of environments.  Traditional Packed Towers are limited by their available surface area for mass transfer & by flooding at high gas or liquid velocities. These technologies also regularly clog from solids or dust particles build-up which increases the tower Pressure Drop & diminishes efficiency.

Untitled1Dust particulates are simultaneously removed by the system which can remove even at the sub-micron level. One TurboScrubber® unit can achieve BETTER performance than an equivalent Venturi Scrubber / Packed Tower Combination or a traditional Bag-House filter system hence offering capital cost & plant footprint savings for gas cleaning plants, for chemical processes, dryers, boilers and incinerators etc, to name a few.

The TurboScrubber® can, in addition to absorbing contaminants & removing particulates can recover a large portion of the latent & sensible heat (or energy) content of a gas or liquid stream which can be employed elsewhere on the plant. The high heat transfer coefficients produced ensures that the maximum amount of heat which is possible to recover is recovered.

The Fluidized Bed remains 100% blockage-free even when using slurries, biomass & precipitating systems. Flooding of the unit is impossible.

A Retrofit option to upgrade existing underperforming / clogged-up towers to the superior TurboScrubber® technology is also available.

Adanvtages of TurboScrubber®

• High efficiency absorption
• Simultaneous fine particulate removal
• Compact smaller plants
• Blockage and fouling-free operation
• Heat and product recovery
• Low energy costs
• Lower CAPEX
• Lower OPEX
• Retrofit Option

Applications of TurboScrubber®

TurboScrubber® is used in over 400 diverse installations worldwide:

• Pulp & paper plants
• Carbon Capture
• SO2 and desulphurisation
• Pulp mill bleach plant chlorine and chlorine dioxide control
• SO2 control using sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate
• Syngas clean-up from Pyrolysis & gasification Plants
• Minerals Processing & Metal Recovery including calciners, smelters & roasting plants
• SO2 control using a slurry (lime/limestone, MgO, etc.)
• Odour control (mercaptans, H2S, etc.)
• VOC scrubbing & simultaneous particulate matter removal
• Gas cooling and condensing
• Syngas clean-up, from gasification & pyrolysis plants
• Power generation
• Fluorine abatement (scrubbing with pond water in the fertilizer industry)
• Acid gas control
• Ammonia absorption
• Bio-slurry scrubbing
• Where space is a premium
• High solids content liquids
• Smelter off-gas
• Process exhaust
• Boiler flue gases
• Incinerators
• Driers
• Minerals processing and metals recovery
• Chemical Plants etc