Technology Overview


The Unrivalled System for Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer and Simultaneous Fine Particulate Removal.

The TURBOSCRUBBER® & TURBOSTRIPPER® process technology represents the current ‘best-in-class’ solution for most Environmental Pollution Control & Heat Recovery Applications (Gas Cleaning & Ground-Water Cleaning). Developed and continuously improved by leading UK companies Fluid Technologies (Environmental) Ltd & Osprey Ltd over the last 20 years the TurboScrubber®’s/TurboStripper®’s unique design offers unrivalled Mass & Heat Transfer performance & Simultaneous Fine Particulate Removal compared to ANY competing technology.

Turboid®, TurboFill® & TurboPack® are the patented process technology lying at the heart of the TurboScrubber® / TurboStripper® designs. Highly turbulent mixing and liquid shear is brought about in a liquid column by hollow aerodynamic media. The multiphase shearing forces lead to multiple contacts at the molecular level and provide enhanced interfacial area and mass/heat transfer coefficients.  Other fluid bed designs suffer from several problems, including channeling of gas through parts of the bed, poor distribution of the bed and generally unreliable performance.  Through years of research & development FTL & Osprey have eliminated these problems and this is backed up by hundreds of successful installation around the globe including numerous installations in Australia.

To demonstrate the high rate of turbulence and mixing inside the bed one of the packing elements was painted black and the recess on another element was painted black. Observe how the element traverses the entire bed in a chaotic fashion which demonstrates the unsurpassed ability of the system to mix gas and liquid streams. This also clearly demonstrates how the system cannot clog or block up due to the constant motion of the packing elements.