Renewable Energy Consultancy:
Emerald Energy, in their renewable energy consultancy efforts work with a wide variety of individuals, companies & corporations including:

    • Utility Companies
    • Process Companies in numerous industries.
    • Mining Operations – of varying sizes
    • Oil & Gas Companies
    • Specialised Consultancy Companies – varying specialities, industries and size
    • Investment Companies and Venture Capitalists
    • Start-up Companies
    • Established Device Development Companies

FTL/Osprey TurboScrubber & TurboStripper Technology:
Emerald Energy has developed relationships with several clients, working with them to determine a tailored solution for their specific requirements. We continue to identify industries and clients where this specialist technology can be implemented in a range of applications.

Some current and potential clients are in industries such as:

  • Chemical process plants
  • Refining and Smelting
  • Wood, Paper and Pulp
  • Waste to Energy plants and projects
  • Carbon Capture and Reuse Applications
  • Fertiliser Production
  • Power Generation