• Gas Clean Up
    Gas Emissions Scrubbing
  • Water Clean-Up
    Wastewater Pollution Control
  • Wind
    Assisting clients with project development and finance
  • Solar
    Assisting clients with projects ranging from roof-top to large utility scale
  • Tidal
    Tidal Energy technical expertise & practical know-how
  • BioEnergy
    Expert advice & capabilities in all sectors of Bioenergy
  • Wave
    Wave Energy technical expertise & practical know-how

Sustainable, Green and Renewable Energies

Emerald Energy Consultancy, together with our partner companies, provides a range of premium equipment, as well as engineering solutions and support to our clients. All of which has a positive effect on process improvements and the environment.

Our Areas of Expertise

At Emerald Energy we specialise in the following three market places.